Just to get a little background for me.  My name is Robin Carver.  I am a graduate student at Drury University working towards a M.A. in Communications.  I will be graduating in August 2010. 

This blog is part of a class assignment started in June 5, 2010 and will be updated until June 20, 2010. The original assignment was for three weeks, but since I have been having a blast with this, I decided to keep going. I write about things that peak my interest, I find unique, and about my day-to-day life. I often take my friend’s stories on a virtual tour (as I have lately become the “sober one” and they provide hours of entertainment for me when wasted). I give each of my friends alias to protect the not-so-innocent. So if you want to hear stories on each one, please reference them by alias . . .I have no problems spilling their beans.

I hope you stick around and have some fun in the meantime!