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This year I have been taking recycling a little more seriously. We found out that we can add co-mingling recycling to our trash service for an extra $5 a month. Almost everything can be recycled but glass. And since we don’t use that much glass we can take that every couple of months to the local recycling center.

So in an effort to be more environmentally friendly, I am recycling more than just plastic, aluminum and glass. Paper and cardboard have been added to the list. However, I am having a bit of a problem looking for that lovely recycling logo on a lot of my packages. You know the

It seems that the logo above is everywhere you look until you start looking for it. I always want to make sure that an item can be recycled before I throw it into the recycling bin. Heaven forbid I upset the person that has to sort my recycling. That person must thing either a) I am too over eager to save the world or b) I am too dumb to figure out what can be recycled.

As I tend to by a lot of generic or store brand items, I find it increasingly difficult to find the recycling logo. It seems that brand name items will usually encourage you to recycle and may have a little more social responsiblity in their packaging. I am seeing an increasing number of brand name items that are incorporating post-consumer materials or recycled contents in their packaging. Even my peanut butter (Peter Pan Whipped) is now using less plastic to create their peanut butter jars. (Fewer calories and plastic . . .how can that be?!?!?!)

Store brands and generics cannot compete it seems. However it would seem that less plastic and using post-consumer materials would help bring down the price of those cheap goodies I buy a lot of.

So while I am looking for those lovely recycling logos, I continue to recycle regardless. Hopefully, boosting my mother nature goodness points and not honking off those that have to sort my recycling.