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Today provided me lots of entertainment. First and foremost the “informational session” was about selling insurance and annuities. That really isn’t my cup of tea. However, there will be better opportunities down the road.

There were two things of interest to me. Jason Stackhouse and the Gay Baby! We will start with the former.

In the “informational session” I went to there was a guy who looked some much like Jason Stackhouse, it was frightening. Same blond hair, same build, same dumb doe-caught-in-headlights look in his eyes. Much like the picture below.

I kept looking at him like, OMG . . .You are the physicality of a fictional character. After he finally realized I was watching him off an on during the “informational session” he started looking back at me. I wasn’t really interested in him . . .but I think he thought that I was. It totally made the “informational session” worth it.

I really kinda thought nothing could top the Jason Stackhouse sighting. . .until I went to work. That’s where I found the Gay Baby . . .more like he found me.

Tonight was really rainy. So anyone walking by the store most likely decided to pop in to browse until the rain let up. Enter Stage Left, a mother and her child. The child is probably about 18-24 mos. and is wearing a ball cap and sitting in a stroller. The mother is wet, yet the child is not.

As the mother started walking towards me, I acknowledge her and she acknowledge me. The child proceeded to tell his mother that he was wet (from the rain . . .not the diaper). He mother assured him he was only a little wet. He proceeded to take off his hat and tell her how wet it was. Ok . . .I’m thinking . . .just a complaining kid.

Moving on, as his mother continues to browse, the kid spots a naked mannequin and says “Look . . .BOOBIES!” I ask his mother if he gets that from his father, and she assures me that is not the case. She also told me that they cannot go near a lingerie department with him, because he will scream “BOOBIES!” at the top of his lungs. I buy this and go on with my tasks.

A little while later, I here the kid say “That’s ugly. I don’t like it.” The kid doesn’t hold back. And children at this age are nothing but honest.” I turn to the mom, to which she tells me, he doesn’t like denim. Ok . . .this kid is def gay. By this point, I really want to follow the kid and his mom around to see what else comes out of his mouth. You know me. I’m always up for meeting a new gay man. However, not one so new to this Earth.

The kid is really demanding. “Take me outside,” “Put that down,” and “I’m ready to leave.” After a few mins. the rain lets up and the mom is getting ready to leave. As she leaves the kid starts screaming “Gaga, Gaga.” Ok, so the kid has a vocabulary and tends to speak in small, but complete sentences. He does babble like a baby. So I am assume that this Gaga rant pertains to the one and only Lady Gaga . . .because, what gay man doesn’t love the Gaga.

As the mother and the Gay Baby exit stage right, I hear one more of the kid’s demands. “Don’t bump my piggies.” Basically don’t run my feet into the door. What 2 year-old says that?

Today was probably one of the best days of my life. It’s really the simple things that make me happy. And apparently I can count Jason Stackhouse and Gay Babies as simple things! If I could have a gay baby, I think I might rethink children altogether . . .lol. I leave you with the gay baby test as seen on scrubs . . .enjoy!