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Resumes sent out this week:0

Applications submitted this week: 0

Interview scheduled this week: 1 – kinda

Thing I am most grateful for: The little bonus in my paycheck and the two tins of margarita salt that I received on Friday.

So tomorrow morning I am supposed to get up and go to a job interview around 8:00 am. I’m not sure if I am to be expected or not, so we will see.

Some of you are questioning the aforementioned statements. So let me explain . . .

Last week I applied to a customer service job. Its part-time and it wouldn’t interfere with job 1. (It would replace job 2 . . .potentially.) The company that is offering the job is a local company and happens to be down the road from a long-time family friend. I knew when I told my mother she would be on the phone to this family friend who had an “in” with the owners of this company. Within a day of relaying the message to my mother, my mother called me up and told me to be at this company first thing on Monday morning.

It a little bit of “the good ol’ boys” system of getting things done. However, I’m not sure who I talk to and if they know I’m coming and all that goes with it. It hs been quite a while since I found a job with the good ol’ boys system.

Did I mention I need to be at Job 1 by 9:00 am?

And what do I say to my boss about why I am late tomorrow?? I need more money to I am going to a job interview before work for a job that will not interfere with this one, except for this one time that I need to go?

GRRR . . .I need another job (and potentially a third job) in the worst possible way, but starting off by not managing my time well isn’t starting out on the right foot.

Did I mention I still have to get my taxes done? Thats next week . . .here’s hoping for a very large return!


I’m for hire! No like a prostitute (GROSS and ILLEGAL)! Aiden and Samantha are also for hire! We are searching for the all important Grown-Up job!

Ah yes, the grown-up job. It seems as if it is something fictional like fairies, vampires, wizards and werewolves. Maybe someone can write a story that is epic and Tolkien-esque, or an edge-of-your-seat thriller like any of the Twilight books (or so they are supposed to be . . .I have never read them. Or Tolkien for that matter. Its like metaphor . . .just sayin’.)

Maybe I should write a book or series of book about this fictional “grown-up” job. What would I call it . . Aiden, Samantha and I and the Job Search with later titles including ,Samantha: 4 Out-of-Town Interviews and a Rejection Phone Call or Aiden and the Endless submission of Resumes.

I do have a plan. Is a short-term plan. I plan to send out 5-7 resumes a week. That’s as far as I have gotten. I am hoping to land at least 1 interview from this, per week. That’s as far as I have gotten. And I have only sent out 2 this week. And out of the 9 resumes I have sent out this month, I have gotten 0 interviews. So far, my plan isn’t working. And I’m not sure how to re-work my plan. Any suggestions?

As I am sitting here writing this post, I am watching Capitalism: A Love Story with Samantha and Aiden. It’s so subjective it’s making me sick! But it does have me concerned. So, I am carrying on with the job search, if nothing better than to prove Michael Moore Wrong!