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Have you ever watch a television show, movie, or other program, that made you feel so alive? I have. On Thursday I bought seasons 1 & 2 of Dawson’s Creek . . .a.k.a best television show ever!

When I was 15 I this was the show I anticipated the most. And needless to say it was not disappointing . . .prompting me to watch it every Tuesday (then Wednesday) night. I def rooted for Joey in her quest to win the affection of Dawson (and eventually Pacey). I watched the characters go through the same trials and tribulations as I was going through.

I have really reconnected with my 15/16-year-old self. Maybe I should say what was good about my 15/16-year-old self. While watching this show I remember what it was like to have a crush on a guy that was your best friend (and to finally get him), normal teen angst, and of course, being embarrassed by your family.

As I watch the show there are things that I don’t think I picked up on when I was watching it then. There is more sexual innuendo than I remember (and I remember a lot of sexual innuendo, my personal favorite being “flog the bishop”). And then there are other things I remember . . .like dialogue (“this baby will be 100% loved”).

What I am surprised that I remember . . .was how this show made me feel. Happy, excited, anxious, nervous, upset, frustrated and sublime bliss. Tonight, I haven’t stopped smiling . . .and it only gets bigger with every episode I watch (btw . . .I am currently watching my fifth episode of the evening Sn 2 Ep. 6). It reminds me of a time with I wasn’t so jaded about love, no matter how complicated it got. And love def gets complicated. As I am finding out, love only gets more complicated as you grow older.

Has this renewed my faith in love . . .maybe. I just know that if I could feel this way, all day, I would def hold on to what it was that gave me this feeling. However, right now its just Dawson’s Creek. And that’s good enough for me.


Days to Graduation: 26

Today I kinda of confused. Which let me to be upset most of this evening. This my last class has become overwhelming. And I feel like I have been doing all the leg work for my instructors research (while I have no formal evidence of this . . .it was like a duck, quack like a duck . . .just saying). I am working hard-core at both jobs, sending out resumes and trying to pack up my life for the 7th time in five years. UM . .. HELP PLEASE!

Seriously . . .I don’t have the time to deal with this s***! And I don’t particularly want to. Its times like these I am reminded that I am an adult, life isn’t fair, and I will make it through this . . .at least I hope so.

So tonight I am going to go to bed early. Tomorrow I will go to work, come home and work ferociously on my homework. I’m just going to try to pass this last class. Any advise, would be helpful!