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Resumes sent out this week: Still 0

Motivation to send out resumes this week: Better than average

Reason why resumes have not been sent out: The ‘rentals of course

Yesterday I posted the fb status message “Wondering when and where the day will end.” The day ended at my parents’ house.

Lately I have been noticing that for the most part I know when and where my day will usually end, unless I go to my parents’ house.

Last night I was working on revising my cover letter when I got a phone call from my mom about 8:30 pm. I had called my parents a couple of times earlier in the day, but they were out and about. So when I received the call from my mom, I just thought that she was returning my call and they were still out and about. Out . . .yes. About . . .not so much.

My mom called to let me know that she was in a car accident. She was fine, the car was not. Come to find out the car was no so much driveable, as the axle was snapped and the driver side front wheel was bent up and not touching the ground.

You see, it was dark, my mother was trying to cross a divided highway. She looked left, looked right, looked left one more time proceed to cross the first 2 of 4 lanes. BAM!!! She was hit.

The other car involved in the incident was a black older model car. It had just been purchased by the driver that day. The driver and her father had just had it inspected. Did I mention that they were driving their black, newly purchased car with no lights on . . .in the DARK!

So, after the smoke had cleared and the highway patrol showed up. Stories were given. Mom got a ticket for “Failure to yield after stopping.” Leave it up to those that govern the roads to create such an oxymornic statement. The other party received tickets. Yes that is the plural of ticket. No tags/licence, not wearing a seatbelt, and oh yes . . .no insurance.

So, on the way over to mom and dad’s house I drove by the accident site as they were towing the other car away. Lots of damage was done. I guess I am just thankful I wasn’t left alone to raise my father . . .lol.

Mom has one heck of headache today. I made sure she started on the ibuprofen last night. The car was taken to the shop for an appraisal of the damage, it’s probably a total loss. I