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Resumes sent out this week: 1

Applications filled out: 0

Interviews scheduled this week: 0

Thing I am grateful for: Coupons!

Ok 2 things:

1. I haven’t been sending out a lot of resumes and applications because I have been debating for the last month if I want to leave my job or suck it up and get a third job. Yesterday, I decided I want another job . . .badly! I like the place I’m working. However, I am kinda of tired with my boss.

I am tired of having every little aspect of my job dictated to me. I am tired of having to do my job in a way that isn’t conducive to achieve the goals that were dictated to me or that I want to achieve myself. And most importantly, I’m tired of part-time work. I am getting more hours as I it is coming up on our busy season, but its a lot of manual labor (which isn’t exactly a bad thing) but I am tired of my has turning color from coffee and flavorings.

Therefore, with renewed hope . . .I am looking for a new job.

2. Grandma broke her humorous . . .and it isn’t very funny. Grandma fell a week and a half ago and hasn’t been home since. She is in a nursing home for rehab in the hopes she will return home within a week or two. She it pissed and wants to go home right now. I go visit her after work almost every day to see her. I am suffering from what is termed caregiver burnout. I haven’t posted a new post because at night I come home tired and usually take a shower, maybe eat something and go to bed.

Whats most troubling is that mom, who moved here to help take care of her mother, isn’t doing so well. She has been diagnosed with AFib and given new medication which is working. Yet, my mother is also having stomach issues. She can’t eat without getting sick and has lost 15 lbs. within the past month. She has had a couple of test, one came out clean, the other we are still waiting on. I can’t imagine taking care of two people at the same time. However, I feel I will have to.


Resumes sent out this week: 0

Applications submitted this week: 0

Interviews set for this week: 0

Thing I’m most grateful for: Samantha picking up Pye’s big hairball today

Reason for not writing last week: Grandma

So, I’m sorry for not writing last week. I spent 6:30 pm to 6:30 am in a recliner, next to grandma waiting for her to get in the night to pee. I don’t sleep well in a recliner. Unlike my mother and her sibling I can’t really sleep sitting up or any various stage of recline other than flat on my back.

This isn’t the first time I have slept in a recliner, next to my grandma, waiting for her to pee. I’ve been doing this off and on for the past 4 years. In November of 2006, my grandmother had her annual flu shot. Two days later she was feeling the effects of said flu shot and went to her bedroom closet to get a sweater to fend of some chills. Upon retrieving the sweater she went to sit down on the bed and missed and fell. She compress-fractured her back.

For a month, my grandmother was completely bed ridden. While I had hired several ladies to come in and care for her, the night shift wasn’t fully taken care of for a month. So most nights I was sleeping there, waiting for her to wake me up so I could get the bed pan (yes, I did say bed pan), or a drink of water, or a pain pill.

For three months I went to work, went to school and went to grandma’s. I don’t think I even looked in a mirror, I don’t remember taking many showers or even eating very much. One night I went out to a friend’s party in sweatpants and a sweatshirt, no makeup, hair in a ponytail and sneakers. To say I was underdressed was an understatement. I was kind of like a new mom, who hasn’t been out of the house much since her child was born and didn’t realize that she needed to actually get dressed up.

This time I am thankful that grandma’s injury was just arthritis, and that with a shift in medication, it was an easy fix. Tonight is the first night she has been on her own in almost a week. Tonight I get to sleep in my bed (with Pye). However, if I can get my days and nights back on the same schedule, that would be pretty cool right about now.

Resumes sent out this week: Still 0

Applications send out this week: Still 0

Interviews for the week: Still 0

Thing I am most grateful for today: Money from my parents for allergy medication. Who knew the generic would cost $53.

So, big hot topic in the news the past week . . .BULLYINg

If you haven’t heard of Tyler Clementi, see the link below

Ok, with that being said, most of these weeks most noticable bullying stories come from 5 boys (including Clementi) who were bullied because of their sexuality or confusion there of. Not to say that these boys were confused about their sexuality, but most of them were under the age of 16, which is a time where sex in general is a confusing topic. Each of the five stories ends up the same. Each individual was bullied because of their sexuality and it ultimately ended in untimely suicides.

Teens have killed themselves over sexuality, lost romances, and general low self-esteem by bullies for years. I wonder why this is such a hot topic. With so many other gay issues (DADT, marriage, partner-rights, adoption) I wonder if this is just an agenda setting tactic to help keep gay issues in the forefront of people’s minds.

Ok, for those of you who regularly read my blog might be asking yourself, when did you get so down on the gays? I’m not down on the gays at all. I think what happened to Tyler Clementi was cruel to be sure. Did he deserve to feel like he was just a circus act and that his sexual escapades were up for the general public to watch, comment and criticize? Absolutely not. And, as I read earlier this week, gay teens are 8.4% more likely to commit suicide more than another teen group.

I recently read an article online from that discussed what steps parents should take when they find out that their child is the one doing the bullying. In most cases, bullies at a young age are suffering from self-esteem issues. They have either failed to gain friendship or lost friendship and that has created a loss of self-esteem. In other words, these children want there victims to feel as worthless as they feel. Something that parents have been trying to instill in the victims of bullying for years as well.

However, I believe that this is only part of the case. I believe that bullies have to learn this behavior somewhere. Whether its parents, teachers or other influential adults teach this behavior, under the guises that it is character building or it is all in good fun. Well, I can vouch for the fact that things done under the guise of all in good fun can hurt. I don’t believe the roommate of Tyler Clementi just thought I will stream this just because. I think it was instilled in him that it was ok and that it was all in good fun.

While I have dwelled on victims that have been bullied because of their sexuality, I don’t really want to dwell on this. Bullies bully anyone because of their shortcomings. And from someone who has been bullied for most of my life, there each person has their own shortcomings, so its easier to point out what you don’t like about someone else that to point out what you don’t like about yourself.

L.Z. Granderson is a columnist for ESPN. He regularly writes OP-ED pieces for CNN. His articles, much like the facets of his personality, are eclectic to say the least. While he is an openly gay man, he attempted suicide at the age of 12 because of bullying, but not because of his sexuality. Below is a link to the article he published this week. I hope this gives a look in the facets of bullying and brings more awareness to the situation.

Resumes sent out: Still 6

Interviews set-up: Still 1

As I write this post I am dying. Not a literal dead, but a physical one nonetheless. Tonight Samantha and I thought that a $5 footlong from Subway sounded like a good idea. BAD IDEA!

I had a Turkey sandwich for lunch, so really wasn’t feeling like another cold cut sandwich. Usually when I am not feeling like a cold cut sandwich I opt for a Pizza sub. However, Subway has removed the Pizza sub from the $5 footlongs, so I opted for the Meatball Marinara.

I guess I have never really fully tackled a full, footlong Meatball Marinara sub. If I had, I would have known I would not be able to eat all of it. Yet me an my thrifty ways . . .

Lately I have been in a bit of a financial bind, as I cannot depend on government aid as I did when I was in school. In fact I have to prepare for paying back all that lovely government aid starting in January. So as of late I have been trying to save every penny possible. So when I spend money on something I want to use/consume every last drop/crumb/morsel/etc.

So when I purchased the $5 footlong, I wanted to make the most of it. I got down to about the last 1/4 of the sandwich. And while I was full, I didn’t want to discard what was left of the sandwich in question (I knew if I saved it I probably wouldn’t come back to it later). So after much chiding of my ego, I finished the sandwich.

To say I was full to the gills was an understatement. After I finished the sandwich I went to my room to play with Pye-D. After she had enough, I was going to return to Samantha and Aiden (we were watching Season 3 of Weeds downstairs) and yet I couldn’t. I was having the worse stomach spasms. I thought I was going to throw up.

Eventually I made my way downstairs. Not to finish out the season of Weeds, but to get some water for Alka-Seltzer! I returned upstairs and consumed all the Alka-Seltzer and have been laying in bed dealing with my bad eating option.

Lesson learned . . .you are what you eat. And I am a big greasy, disgusting meatball sandwich!

Resumes sent out this week: 0

Oz. of Water: Who knows, but it’s up there.

I have chapped lips. I have had chapped lips for a week. I apply stuff on them before I sleep. I still wake up with chapped lips.

I have been trying to consume more water. All 8 glasses, if not more. I have also been trying to eat right. I am wondering how long it will take for me to get adequately hydrated.

Ok . . .I know bathroom behavior is disgusting and even worse to talk about, but seriously. My pee is almost clear (or at least on its way to clear) before I go to bed, and when I walk up its screaming yellow. What does it take?

So there has been quite some controversy as to how much water one should consume in a day. Everyone has heard 8 glasses (remember those are 8 oz glasses of water. 64 oz in total.) a day. Yet some contend that drink this amount of water is bad for your health. That drinking this amount of water flushes vital nutrients from your body.

And then there are some that say that 64 oz. isn’t enough. You need to drink up to 100 oz. a day since the human body is more than 70% water. I have even heard hearsay that one needs to drink 100 oz. of water a day PLUS 1 oz for every pound you are overweight. If that was true, I wouldn’t have enough hours in the day to do anything other than drink water all day.

All I want to know is how much water I need to drink to keep my lips from getting chapped, my skin to improve in complexion and hydration, and to keep ample nutrients in me.

Does anyone have an answer for this?